Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick Cardio Tip

I was working out yesterday on the stepmill and I couln't help but notice that everyone around me on the other stepmills were holding themselves up as they worked out. I could not believe that every single person around me was doing it! This is really one of my pet peeves. Many people get on a machine and turn it up to such a high level that they need to lean over the machine or grasp onto it for dear life. They don't realize they are doing themselves a disservice by holding on. Not that I am saying you can't hold on for balance, but holding on because you can't keep up with the level you are on is not good. I should also mention that so many people get hurt (for example: shoulder and back injuries) by holding on in front of them while on the stepmill and the treadmill. So what point am I trying to make? If you are doing cardio at such a high level that you need to hold onto the machine, then back off on your level and take it down. It's more beneficial to workout at a lower level and not hold on. You will also find it easier to increase your aerobic fitness!


  1. In addition to being at a lower level, I believe, as you pointed out, that many people hold on for balance. Doesn't letting go allow you to develop much needed balance and coordination, working parts of muscles that need some of the most attention?

  2. Yes, you definitely get more core work if you don't hold on. In fact, I often recommend that clients do their abdominal and core exercises before doing cardio so they can feel their muscles working supporting the body during cardio.