Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Injury Strikes

Suffering an injury can be frustrating for many people. Some think that when you have an injury you should stop working out all together. However, with most injuries, you can keep working just have to do it the right way. The first step should be to consult a physical therapist. If you have been active, working with a good physical therapist that understands your needs is extremely important. Through a referral, you might try to find a physical therapist that works independently from the larger chain physical therapy clinics. It can be beneficial because often times that therapist is more likely to spend more one on one time with you rather than juggling multiple patients as you see often in the larger clinics. This PT will not only provide you with exercises to get you back into your routine, but can also give you guidelines on how to continue working out without further injury. Most therapists want to see people continue activity safely, so they can provide parameters as to what you should and should not do during your recovery process.

If you are working with a trainer, it is important for communication to occur with the physical therapist so both routines are on the same page and/or working in the same direction. When I have clients that are working with me for Muscle Activation Techniques in addition to their therapy routine, I am in constant communication with their therapist. Working with a trainer that has rehabilition knowledge can be very helpful because it may shorten your recovery time. If you don't use a trainer, many physical therapists have trainers that they refer people to work with post rehab so that they can continue working out.

And remember, some injuries take more recovery time, so be patient and try stay positive! Staying active through your rehabilition can often help!

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