Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apps To Keep You Accountable

We are already half way through January and many of us have set fitness or nutrition goals for 2013. Hopefully it's going well for everyone so far, but just in case, there are some apps that might help keep you in check. Most of them are free on iTunes, so why not use them? 

My Fitness Pal. Enter in your exercise and create a food diary with this app. It has a complete list of foods while counting calories for you. Chart your progress every month and see your results. Added bonus: forums on various health and nutrition topics. 

Fooducate. Feeling clueless when you're at the grocery store? This app has given health grades to a very extensive list of foods. All you do is scan the product and voila! Your nutrition grade will appear with a full description of what's good or bad about the product. 

Everest. Want to climb it? This goal setting app will help you get there. Whether it's getting in shape or learning a new language, Everest will keep you focused on setting the smaller goals to achieve the big ones!

Run Keeper. This app has over 14 million users, so there must be something to it, right? Track any physical activity with your GPS, chart your stats and reach your goals. If that's not enough, try training programs that have voice coaching! 

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